Freedom To Choose

My Recipe

Everyone has their own recipe to cook their raw dreams to become the real menu of success . Bear in mind that other people poison can be somebody else favourite food,vice versa. My not so secret recipe always by the combination of three main ingredients; calm, brave, and positive energy .

I think i am calm enough, but not brave enough. Positive energy is on and off along the way. So this makes me 1.5 per 3 up to my potential. Or 50 percent. In other word, i am average based on my own intrepretation.

In realization of that, i will carefully prepare the ingredient for my next to-be-fair-to-my-potential project. Believe or not Im actually in the process of baking a new cake of dreams. I got my calm, i got my brave, i got my positive energy, and for the newest addition..i got my freedom to choose!


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  1. Dont forget the catalyst ya.
    Temperature & humidity. It could be something else.
    If it is not the best cake at least it taste good enough. Right?
    Btw i dont even know baking. Haha..

    1. too late now. kek sudah menjadi kerepek.he he

    2. wah ! mcm mana rupa kek mnjadi kerepek tu?

  2. ok.

    aku simple.

    mana-mana pun boleh.

  3. omputeh hari ni yer abg FR hehe

  4. perrggghhh...!! entri bercitarasa tinggi dari FR... sesuai betul dengan gambar solid tu... ohokk ohokk... buat2 batuk..

    tiba-tiba terasa macam duduk dalam kumpulan elit yang urban lagi berprestij..

    eheemmmm.... :)

    *kek bertukar jadi kerepek...?? epic fiksyen apakah itu FR.....*

  5. wow... ingatkan recipe apa tadi.... bukan main lagi entrinya.. sampai x tahu nak cakap apa. haha